Avalanche Clothing

Project name: Avalanche Clothing
Project leader(s): G. Demirev & R. Nikolaeva
Project URL:
Project started: Jul, 2013
Project ended:
Project status: in development

Avalanche Clothing is a project dedicated to a Bulgarian clothing trademark. Currently we’re developing a coupe of online shops avalanche-bg.com (Bulgarian version) & avalanche-??.com (International / English version) that will present and sell the company products.

We’ve chosen WordPress and the WooCommerce plugin as our core systems. But since we were pressed by time and couldn’t design our own, we had to purchase a premium theme for this project so we decided to use Blanco theme by 8theme. It had the right structure and base for us to start building upon it and by date we’ve made tons of changes to customize and smoothen it’s edges (it had its fare share of irregularities in the design).

The Bulgarian version of the website should be up and running sometime in August, but we haven’t yet set a date for the International version, because of some unfortunate disadvantages in WordPress’ localization and multi-lingual options.