30 Reasons Why WordPress is Better Than Coding Your Own Website


Back in the days when people wanted to present themselves on the Internet all they had to do was to “tape” together a couple of HTML pages and call it a website. It was simple and it worked, but this was in the past! Nowadays people prefer more interactive pages, with constant updates and smooth navigation. This requires a lot of efforts, huge experience in server & client side programming languages, database building, search engine optimization, knowledge in server administration, hundreds of other crap and most importantly your precious time!

This is where Content Management Systems (CMS) come in handy. There are a lot of options out there – from premium to open source, from simple blog software to e-commerce and whatnot. Most of the CMS solutions out there are good, but I want to focus on one in particular that tops its competition with ease  -  WordPress.

So why is WordPress better than coding your own website?

1. WordPress is free!
2. You will not waste your time in coding.
3. You will not waste your time in testing/debugging.
4. Actually It is not necessary to know programing languages like HTML, CSS, JavaScript, PHP, MySQL, etc. at all.
5. It is not necessary to create your own design, there are tons of free themes.
6. It is not necessary to build your own addons, there is a huge amount of third party plugins.
7. There are plugins that can do the job of entire development team (security, caching, SEO, auto posting, social network posting, etc.)
8. You do not need to worry about security (much).
9. You can update you website with new content in minutes.
10. WordPress is so flexible that one day you may run a blog and the next you can transform it into an online shop.
11. And most importantly – anyone can do it!

These are the essentials. There are hundreds of other details, but they might bore the casual user. Anyway, since we cleared this out, let’s look at it from another perspective and talk about what are WordPress’s advantages!

12. WordPress is open souce:

13. WordPress is FREE!
14. WordPress is constantly updated with the latest web technologies.
15. WordPress is supported by various third party developers that create amazing addons.

16. WordPress is light (most of the time) – For the amount of functions that WordPress has to offer the system is pretty light. The original themes that come with WordPress (ex. Twenty Eleven & Twenty Twelve) are optimized for speed. Have in mind though, that there are some themes and plugins that can slow down your load time dramatically, so always test before going online.

17. WordPress is secure (for the most parts) – WordPress is probably the most secure CMS on the “market”, but as in any other popular software there are some flaws. The core itself is not a problem, but you never know what kind of third party code are you installing on your system. To prevent a potential attack download plugins and themes from trusted sources only (ex. wordpress.org).

18. WordPress has huge variety of plugins – core tweaks, caching, image compression, search engine optimization, social networks, auto posting, sharing, web analytics and statistics, e-commerce and so much more!

19. There are several plugins I love and use on all my websites that I want to recommend:

- WP Super Cache – Caching is really important especially on heavily loaded websites and WP Super Cache is really simple and powerful
- WP htaccess Control – With this plugin you can add to and edit your htaccess file without having the knowledge of htaccess coding.
WP Optimize – This awesome plugin clears and fixes your WordPress database with the click of a button.
- NextScripts: Social Networks Auto-Poster – The Social Networks Auto-Poster is an awesome plugin that allows you to automatically post your content on various social networks.
- JetPack by WordPress.com – JetPack contains more than 20 features like site statistics, social buttons, link shortening, managing subscriptions and so much more. Be careful though, enabling too much of its features might slow down your load time.
- WordPress SEO by Yoast – An amazing plugin by Yoast that enhances your SEO just by enabling it. More advanced features are available for users that know what they’re doing.
- EWWW Image Optimizer – Neat little plugin that optimize your images on upload using Yahoo’s Smush.it.
- WP PageNavi & WP PageNavi Style – WP PageNavi adds more user friendly navigation for pages, categories and posts and WP PageNavi Style you can customize the looks of the buttons with ease.
- Custom Upload Dir – This plugin helps you choose where to save your uploaded content, just in case you don’t like your files stored in the wp-content folder for example.

20. There is a huge base of free WordPress themes:

21. WordPress’s official website offers more than 1700 free themes that you can easily download and install from your admin panel.
22. There is a huge amount of premium themes that feature additional admin options and tweaks. One of the best places to find one that suit your needs is ThemeForest.

23. WordPress is flexible:

24. Business – Creating your business website with WordPress is a child’s play – create a few new pages with your information and start finding new clients.
25. Blog – This was the main purpose of WordPress and in a way it still is.
26. e-Commerce – Creating your own web store in minutes with plugins like WooCommerce &  WP e-Commerce.
27. Photo gallery – Creating your own web gallery or portfolio with a plugin like NextGEN Gallery or special theme.
28. Community – Create your own web community with a plugin like BuddyPress.
29. Mobile – WordPress can be turned into mobile website with a plugin like WordPress Mobile Pack or special themes.

30. WordPress is editable – If you reach the WordPress limits (which most people wont) you might consider writing a code on your own. That’s OK! WordPress’s documentation is extremely extended and you can find many examples of all functions used in the code. Moreover you can always ask questions and find answers in the WordPress.org support forums or the StackExchange’s WordPress dedicated website.

So what do you think? Did I cover the basics of this awesome system or did I miss something? Share your thoughts in the comments bellow and If you liked it – please share with the world.

If you still have any questions, please contact me. Moreover, if you need more professional approach for your business I’d be glad to help you reach your goals! Contact me here.